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Good Bye Everyone

A few days ago, Amazon sent out a letter about changes to the Affiliate Program.   I've never made much off of it ... maybe a whole $100 over the past 7 years.  Maybe a bit more.   Even when I send friends the "magic links", they only tend to "work" about 20% of the time.


But, I've persisted with this blog in hopes that extra sales would increase a bit as people used this blog ... which hasn't happened much with a readership of less than 40 unique hits a week.

 I didn't have time to read the letter, it's usually small stuff that has little effect on me....  But I should have read the letter!

Just a few minutes ago, I read this blog ....

I was shocked!

Seems Amazon will be docking all associates who promote Free Kindle Books as their main focus.   I would expect that every single one of the Big Blogs restructure over the next few weeks, and all of us small ones will shut down entirely.

I'll still work on the other blogs ... but everyone will be on their own as far as finding Free Kindle Books.   Sorry folks, but that's the way Amazon wants things to be.   I think it will turn around and bite them in the end though, because MOST people find the free books through websites like this one ... and beginning authors rely heavily on blogs like this to get the word out that their books are free.  This will make it harder for those authors as well.  Young authors like my daughter ... who will be offering one of her books this week ... "Saffron's Big Plan."

Friday, January 25, 2013 Magic School Bus: The Complete Series: Lily Tomlin, Daniel DeSanto, Erica Luttrell, Maia Filar, Tara Meyer, Larry Jacobs, Charles E. Bastien: Movies & TV Magic School Bus: The Complete Series: Lily Tomlin, Daniel DeSanto, Erica Luttrell, Maia Filar, Tara Meyer, Larry Jacobs, Charles E. Bastien: Movies & TV:


This normally runs for $79.99.   Sometimes it drops down to $59.99.

But right now ... it is 52% off at an unbelievably low $37.99.

Scholar received this for Christmas this year, and has loved it.

Not all of the episodes played on one of the DVD players ... but they ALL PLAY on his computer, which was a bonus for us, because his computer is in the school room!

Special Features

  • Parent's Guide Includes: A List of All Episodes and Topics, Tips for Viewing, Ideas for Family Science Fun, and more!
  • Kid's Guide Includes: Experiments, Activities, Facts and Notes, and more!
  • Languages: English and Spanish

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
88 of 90 people found the following review helpful
For four fact filled seasons from 1994 to 1998, "The Magic School Bus" paved the way for kids to believe that science was cool. As the television landscape continues to devolve, it's refreshing to see the Bus resurface in this Complete Series collection. Charming and educational, this animated delight is comprised of 52 thirty minute episodes. Ms. Frizzle (voiced by the distinctive and invaluable Lily Tomlin) takes her class of enthusiastic students on trips filled with fantasy and wonder. Astronomy, biology, geology, physics, chemistry, paleontology, and just about every other "ology" gets a visit or two through the course of the various field trips. However, if you're shopping "The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series," you probably want to know what is included with your investment.

Packaging: The box set looks great. The cover is done in a 3-D lenticular design that already ups the cool quotient. Each of the eight DVDs is enclosed in its own case within the set with complete episode information for easy access. Each individual season has thirteen episodes over two of the DVDs.

Content: 52 episodes at approximately 22 hours of complete running time. Recommended ages 4-10. English or Spanish language options.

Bonus Material: A 24 page kids activity guide is a nice addition (though not the most sophisticated presentation I've ever seen). More valuable is the Parents' Guide. This tool helps you orchestrate lessons with your kids and makes this an invaluable teaching tool. I, personally, love that "The Magic School Bus" advocates parent involvement as opposed to being just another TV show to plant your kids in front of (although that's certainly an option too).

Easily recommended, but perhaps cost prohibitive, there are smaller packaging choices available if you're on a budget. The ones I'm listing are new sets to DVDs (although episodes will overlap if you have previously released compilations). That is a potential pitfall to this buying strategy. If you want to collect "The Magic Bus," there are past DVD releases and new DVD releases and, if you're not diligent, it would be very easy to purchase some of the same episodes under different titles. The Complete Series choice will eliminate this possible duplication and offers every epsiode (some never before on DVD).

These two lower price compilation have an assortment of 12 episodes each:
(1) Blast Off! From Sea To Space
(2) Field Trip Fun and Games

Or even smaller, these four sets have about 90 minutes of content that bring episodes relating to a specific topic together:
(1) The Human Body
(2) Super Star Power
(3) Takes a Dive (coral reefs, tidal zones, etc)
(4) Takes Flight (weather, flying, etc.)

I love and respect "The Magic School Bus." Educational TV can be interactive and entertaining! KGHarris, 8/12.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


from our house
to yours

May God bless you.

24 of our family will be together today

and tomorrow,
we get with the 12 on the other side of the family.

Saturday is a big day
with 2 nieces birthday's parties,

And Sunday is always our day to celebrate
God's goodness
and spend time with our church family.

Due to the amount of family
and celebrating
that we are doing,

the next "for sure" post
will be on Monday.

Enjoy your celebrations!